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Sick of yellow headlights. Got busy with the mothers metal polish.

The Menace

Installed the Z32 twin pot & drum handbrake rear setup this weekend. Wasn't without it's struggles though. Left rear axle nut was super tight, either done up way beyond 230Nm or was siezed. Sheared two Powerbuilt short extensions in half (extremely clean break & extremely loud bang!) needless to say the guys at Ripco nick named me" the menace".

Next drama was the 'bolt in' R33 coupe cables didn't fit. Too short & wrong cable ends. S15 has round tags at the end, R33 has square. Managed to use the Z32 cables which actually fitted right up. Just need to make a bracket to mount the cable securely. Thanks to the boys for all your help! Good times working with you.

take up arms

Choose your weapon

rack end compare

Drioftopia Hampton Downs March

Stripped a rack end.... damn! luckily happened during a downpour, so managed to drag the wheel back to pits. down a B&E pie, chucked in my spare S14 one that was due to be in the car in the first place (learned my lesson), back on track in no time.


Catch Tank 01

First attempt at a catch tank. Pretty happy with it so far. Just need some weld-ons to complete.

Weld Table

Got to start somewhere...10mm Plate steel top + 50 SHS frame.