Blue Steel

Two S13 / 180sx cages completed ready for spraying... 180sx sunroof version and S14 / S15 versions next on the list. 

Bandsaw Stand - Paint

S15 Tune Up

Joel's S15 recieved a NA S14 SR20DE throttle body and some NGK 7's gapped to 0.9mm.

Box Trolley

VG Arrival

Diff Diff

Two welded R32 diffs half way complete. I added a further 8 welds per diff in the holes on the opposite side to the ring gear for extra strength.


Still like this...

MSC // Banked



Stretched Fabric

Taps Galore

I was worried that my engineer would not have the right tap for the job. Yee of little faith... drawer measures 1500mm long x 700mm deep. Just one of 10 drawers.