When the pan's wet might as well not bother, pretty much an ice rink.


After talking to Adam from C's Garage I decided I would commit to enlargening the tunnel for the VG30DETT gearbox, and so begins the firewall and gearbox tunnel chop. I found bending the steel sheet around a section of 3" stainless exhaust tubing makes perfect curves to form the top edges. Check out the secret access hatch I added too.


I wanted to leave the clutch on the engine to save hassle later on since I knew the clutch was centered and had plenty of meat left on it, so didn't need to come off, so I extended the engine stand claw spacers and gusseted the frame to account for the extra cantilever force.


Joel purchased one of these great looking Mishimoto radiators for installing into his S15. Should help keep the water temp under control on the track. The thicker double core radiator pushed the factory fan shroud about 10mm closer to the engine and fan, but nothing still has clearance to the fans, so no drama.