Smooth Rollers

One dozen wheels and two dozen abec 5 bearings for a side project.

S-Club Spring Manji

Some shots from the last S-Club manji day down at Meremere. Chilled out day with the crew down there in the mint spring weather. Rolled down VIP style in Andrew's freshly manual converted JZX110 for some demo runs. And by demo I mean demolishing tonnes of rubber. Video of that coming up next.

Dream Track

Maybe you have a site in your town that would be ideal for converting to something else. I can think of one here. Imagine the potential for developing this quarry in Manukau, NZ on Wiri Station Road into a dedicated drift track. Ideal location 5 mins from Manukau shopping centre, bounded by motorways, set in the middle of a heavy industrial zone, neighbouring Gull petrol station rumoured to supply E85 in the near future. There's also a shipping container store (right side) for an Oi Wharf style night special stage. Perhaps the main quarry could be developed into something similar to the Bihoku track. Ah dreams.

Devolve Snap

Thanks to Simon from Devolution Photography for the photo... First session of the day top of 3rd gear onto the front straight. Good times. More shots of other cars at the day here...

Zero Class Taupo Track Day Photo Dump 1

Snapped a few shots in between sessions. Flick me an email at if you want high res versions.


Tyre Violence

Some casualties of the weekend...

Garage Fit Out

Think you're garage is tidy...a mate David just completed his garage fit out with full custom stainless steel benches, storage cupboards and shelves, fully lined and painted with stacks of lighting. Check the mobile bench in the centre with welder and gas bottle tucked away underneath. Jealous much.

Castrol Edge Training Day

Fan stopped working. Turned out to be a loose earth on the relay. Easy fix. Guys here are telling me I should raise the car up cause it's too low. Where I was thinking about how the rear needs more low haha. Need a passenger side indicator too huh.Pics snatched from Performance Car event gallery. Check the rest of the pics in the write up here