Workshop - 8 Down

8 / 10 sheets installed. The offcuts will come in handy for the junctions around the structure. The plan is to completely block off the far end of the house to prevent noise travelling through to the bedrooms. Important when you have a 7 month old. Immediately lighter in here now with the light reflecting of the walls.

Bandsaw Stand

Finished welding this up last night. Plus the plywood arrived and it smells amazing.

Looking Forward the day when they complete the 1.2km Club Circuit at Hampton Downs

Make it Rain

Just a few random clips from yesterday... weather was not ideal for driving or filming.

Workshop - Framed

Sometimes it seems like my life is a stop-motion movie. After work and all important family time with my wife and daughter, I have to plan ahead to make the most of any time left over. With each spare hour I inch closer to finishing the workshop so I can get back to the car.

These two bays will become storage for bumpers, seats, bikes, panels, surfboards, snowboards etc.

I plan to build a rack in here for two rows of 6 tyres & wheels. Next step -Plywood.

C's Garage Entry Comp

Couple of shots from the Entry Comp day at Meremere today hosted by C's Garage. Slick wet conditions meant, kits, lights, panels and the cardboard target wall took a punishing. Click for high res photos.

Workshop - Steel Projects

Supplies  for a work bench, bandsaw stand and sheet metal folder.

Final Ride

Went to Cam's dad's funeral on Sunday with 950+ others after his tragic accident last week. He was rolled away in this model T Ford flat deck pickup. Such a sad day. Make the most of life and the people you love because you just never know which day will be your last.

Joel S15 - Locked Diff + Bride

Joel and I have been assembling the best parts of two spare R200 open diffs to create one good locked diff for the drift session Joel is doing this Sat. This is the technique I used to weld the open centre for maximum strength.

But, when we installed the diff into the car, it would not drive forward or reverse and it sounded like some gears were slipping. I'm thinking the backlash between the pinion and ring gear is not correct allowing it to slip under load, and the shims supplied have the wrong tolerance. Basically buying a diff in parts equals a headache when parts are not kept in order when stripping it down. ADL are take a look at it on Monday and hopefully it's just a matter of selecting the right shims, and we're good to go.

 Joel also  picked up this tidy Zeta III with Bride sliding rails from a Toyota MRS which were able to be modify to fit the S15 with a bend here and new hole there.


MOTAT was free this month so we took our 6 month old daughter to check out the fighter planes in the recently completed hanger. Her response was unexpected...absolutely amazed with the planes! As soon as we entered the hanger, eyes and mouth open, flapping her arms with excitement. Good fun to watch someone see something for the first time ever. Imagine having brand new eyes.