Workshop - Slaaaaab

Slab went down a treat. I love watching concrete placers work their magic on the liquid concrete. I took the opportunity of this workshop build to sort out the drainage problems at the same time. I added a channel drain across the front of the garage to catch the driveway runoff puddle that formed every time it rains. It collects the retaining wall back drainage at one end, and discharges into the stormwater at the other. Should make a major improvement. Scored some 5 foot double fluoros too.

Memory Lane

Shaun messaged me yesterday to invite me to check out the work he has done to my old AE86, and since the exhaust is due to be finished next week, we might as well take it for a test drive. It's been 6 years since the day I heard Shaun drive it away hitting the rev limit in every gear. So, I'm guessing it will be a ruthless test drive. Anyway, I'll post up what the car looks like now. I originally bought the car to use to learn how to work on cars. I was determined to do everything myself, and no task was too large, and man did it teach me a lot. At the start I only knew basic car maintenance, and by the time it was complete, I had learned bodywork, hot to build a custom hilux diff, rebuilt a 4age engine, installed s13 front suspension, built a complete turbo system including an ecu. I had so many stories and had learned so much. I will always remember practicing in the small hours through industrial roads known by our crew as "the block", and returning from a late night session with mud tucked up under the rear bumper in the same place as a friend's 180sx where we both ended up in the same ditch. So, looking forward to it. Should bring back some memories. Here's the inspiration for my original build, plus check out some photos of how it looked 6 years ago.

Workshop - Blocked

Footings were poured this week and the blocks were laid for the retaining walls. Next week is the floor pour, can't wait.

S15 PSM Intake

Joel recently upgraded the intake side of things in his S15 with a an HKS mushroom, Parts Shop Max intake kit and Blitz bov. Visual and acoustic improvements. I TIG welded a vacuum fitting to the psm intake pipe to keep things functioning like factory.

Wise move

S14 Clear Headlights

While the garage is out of action...this is my kind of baking.

Workshop - Base course

Dug this neat rabbit burrow for the drain coil to tuck under the conveniently placed step in the footing and allow any moisture behind the retaining wall to escape. After a heavy rain water seeped into the garage, so this should keep things much drier. Since this photo, the footing trench was extended under the white concrete wall so the blocks can tuck in under the wall to restore its support.

Base course is down, so no more walking around on clay and less mess. Plastic laid and steel reinforcing is in place ready for the footing to be poured.