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S14 Wire Tuck Progress

Dash was a drama to remove as cage was built with it in place. wiring is slow going, but have my head around it now, and have made some critical decisions, so can only get better from here on in. Got to stay focused on the end product.

Blitz intercooler piping kit mod

BOV hole patch and Speedflow vacuum line fitting welded to Joels S15 Blitz intercooler cold pipe.

King Cobra

Joels order arrived... Parts Shop Max Cobra downpipe perfection.... one extremely high quality product. I drew up a flange to match the PSM one and had it laser cut from 10mm stainless. Next task is to fabricate the 3" exhaust from here back. It will incorporate two stainless bullet in-line resonators and finish off the with straight twin tips. Hard act to follow.

S15 Upgrades

Joel's super tidy S15 is receiving some tasty upgrades this week... stay posted.

Bay Strip

Well one thing lead to another and now the front is stripped down and the engine bay is getting some attention. Planned to strip battery bracket and other unused brackets, patch up the rough intercooler holes, tidy up the flaking paint on the inner guards and remount the radiator and intercooler.

But then I figured might as well tidy up the wiring while I was there. With the fuse box gone I realised I could minimize it down to these two fuse blocks which I will extend and mount in the cabin out of the weather. Good mornings work.

Out Run


My razor sharp hatchet.