So after stripping third gear in the standard S14 gearbox at Hampton Downs earlier this year I have decided to install a Z32 300ZX gearbox. Sadly I missed catching the fantastic sounds on the GoPro as it ran out of battery minutes before. I picked up this box imported from Japan...

After some degreaser, sand blasting and aluminium cleaner I got it back in to this state.

Matt Lauder sent me one of his water jet cut 12mm steel  Z32 to SR20 adapter plates.

I have sent the bellhousing of to have 12mm machined off the mounting face to suit the adapter plate. In the mean time I need to replace some corroded and perished parts, and pull the damaged box out.

I am planning to pull the engine out to mate everything together for the first time on the hoist rather than grappling with things trying to align them under the car. From experiences with the poor fitment of an early version custom cast W57 to 4AGE adapter bellhousing I installed in my AE86, I don't want a repeat. On the bright side I became very quick at pulling out Toyota gearboxes. Plus it gives me a chance to give everything the once over while it's out.

60 Percent

Could never justify the cost, but at 60% discount could not let this deal pass. Workshop is looking up, thanks to my awesome Wife :)

All Stars S15

Over Under

Double Up

Added some bars for double stacking storage of wheels and tyres.