Workshop - Machines Roll Out

And after the second day the excavators had footings cut and the slab set down complete. Pretty happy with the volume of clay they were able to cut out. Next step is to sort out the drainage for the path for novacoil drain and the channel drain in front of the garage door before the block layer arrives.

Workshop - Machines Roll In

After dramas with broken promises and arrangements falling through (other contractor), this is finally moving forward again. This is after the bulk cut has been made with the Dingo.On a positive note the car started the day before the digger arrived and I was able to drive it out... just. The downpipe is not going to last long at this rate.

S14 Cooling - Part 1

I had some scrap aluminium sheet that I decided to use to build a fan shroud. Brushed and polished, drilled, and folded by hand. Turned out good for basically zero cash.

Thought it was a good time to install the alloy pulleys while the radiator is out of the way, but something doesn't seem right with the power steering pulley. It has one extra groove than the belt and crank pulley, and also the holes are too small to get a socket through to tighten the bolt that the pulley pivots on. Wondering if this kit is for another car or the fwd SR20? Anyone know?