Sit Down

Cut the back section out of the frame. Lowered the seat 15mm. Still clearance to go another 30mm lower, but will need to make new brackets, as I have maxed these ones out.


3" Stainless front pipe.

Made a template for an under tray while the car was jacked up.


We pulled the crashed front back out on Dave's WRX wagon yesterday. Worked late into the night. Much hammering and over tired laughter. Sussed out a cool trick with some twisted rope and a fence post to pull the frame out. Heres an action shot where Andrew & Dave are doing some "delicate" adjustments with the dumpy hammer.

Braided Lines

Found a water leak from the coolant line to the turbo, so thought it was a good opportunity to install the braided lines I picked up a couple of weeks back. Managed to round one of the manifold nuts with a worn spanner. Shocked it with the hammer & chisel. Got a new 14mm spanner and double up spanners to crack it. Win. Messed up the nut though. With out a doubt there is always one stubborn nut that wants to get up in your face every time you decide to give the car some mechanical upgrade. It's like the car resists change or something. Any way here's the progress...
Turbo comin to eat ya!!!!!!!!!!!! Farrrrrr***