For some reason this crazy gasket was in the rear section of the exhaust, maybe to reduce noise? Who knows. Must be restricting flow severely, anyway in goes the new one. Got some mechanical love in store for the car, picked up some super nice Redline shockproof Gearbox and Diff oil, along with some HKS oil & filter combo.

How it stands

Boxing on

Joel and I spent a reasonable amount of time re-installing the gearbox with nice low temperatures on the garage floor...lift, getting stuck, bashing the tunnel to make space for the bell housing to slide in easier, tilting the engine, lowering the front sub frame on the bolts, bench pressing the gearbox, rotating things etc etc. Dave turns up, helps operate the jack, and bam, we're in. Either he has the magic mechanical touch, or all the prep before hand had something to do with it ;) Anyway, just need to adjust clutch and grab some gearbox fluid now... Thinking Redline shockproof gearbox fluid. Have heard only good things about it.

4385 Lbs

Picked up an Autoclutch 6puk solid centre clutch plate and HD pressure plate. Solid centres are lighter, so are easier on the input shaft bearings and also make for quicker gear changes due to being lighter than sprung centres. Autoclutch torque the plate down to your flywheel and test the pressure the pressure plate will produce before there is any noticeable movement in the flywheel. 4385 lbs was what mine produced. Factory Silvia pressure plates produce 1900 lbs, and Exedy HD pressure plate produce around 2900 lbs. The pressure plate springs pivot so that the pedal force required is not that much more than factory. Looking forward to trying it out.

Waiting for clutch...

So while i wait for the clutch switched out the twin machine gun tips? and matte blacked lights for some FL tail lights and a 3" stainless straight pipe.

Surprise Number 2

Ok, so the clutch wasn't happy from day one. When I received the car it wouldn't go into gear while the engine was running at all. Decided to drop the box and inspect.... and here's the damage... All 10 pads have become dust, worn right down to the rivets, some of the backing plates have sheared off and lodged throughout the pressure plate. Its just a mess. So is it worth rebuilding or what clutch do I get next...


So a few surprises awaited me since i bought this car unseen. Guards had been savaged and the lights had a nice coat of matte black. Don't wanna see whats under the duct tape and stickers. So I took to them with the thinners, polishig buff and autosol...

Juns Half Cage

Jun brought his incomplete S13 half cage over. I fabricated up a bolt in diagonal bar with some spare end links I had and solid welded a low cross bar to stiffen the whole hoop up.

Back on Track

So its been a while since my last post, but plenty has happened. After repairing the S15 it was decided that the car had too much value tied up in it, and the hassle of repairing it for my daily commute was adding up, and limiting the development of the car. So the S15 was sold and a leap was made to a 4wd + track car combo. Heres how we stand at the night of the pick up...

Winch wasn't working, plus the battery was flat, so the yard worker towed the car onto the ramp while i steered it with extreme precision. Damn tight fit. 5 - 10mm each side to spare. Later that night we discovered, the strops moved the car off line, so we had to attach them on the reverse side and crank them up to straighten the car to unload it. Desperately need a better trailer. On the plus side, the 3.2 TD Terrano pulls the heavy solid steel deck trailer + car with ease. Damn good truck.