S14 Steering Rack Modification

Moving steering rack forward 20mm to prevent over centering at lock... read on.

4 Horse Power

Mega Engine Hoist

When you have million dollar engines to hoist around your workshop, you need a substantial crane.

WELD NZ /// Feature ///

I get my welding equipment from Steve at Weld NZ. Mention Slide Effect when you go there and receive 10% off anything on the website... weldnz.com thats a great hookup because his gear is already well priced.

I'll take you on a quick tour...

MSC // White PFL


Spaghetti Juction

Guard Work 2

Managed to fold the lip back under and restore the factory arch line (marked with green pen). Hammered the lip nice and thin and flat as possible considering the grinding and welding that has taken place.

Guard Work

Rolled up my sleeves and started tidying up the rear guards. Being an ex comp car, some quick fixes are evident. Both rear guards have been pulled out, the lip unfolded and bogged over, then quick spray of matte black. The left rear guard is the worst condition, so i'll start here. It is pretty rough and jagged, the bog is all cracked from the pounding it took from a delaminated tyre at some stage...

GP 2008 RD3


Masters of concrete and the rx

Smooth Rollers - Part 2

These are the 'trucks' for the wheels to mount to. 50 x 2mm steel angle. 32 x 2mm steel flat. M8 x 40mm bolts. I welded the bolts to the plates prior to welding them to the angle.



Last year I was measuring up a beat up old warehouse I came across this tucked away out the back. Brand new GTR R35, three Cosmos with triple rotor setups, couple of superbikes, stacks of computers, and and workshop with two hoists and a tidy engine rebuilding station. Not a bad stash.


Spied this on Foot-Nort. So good.


Good things come in threes...

JZX110 Manual Test

Andrew took his JZX110 to the S-Club Manji day at Meremere track to test out the new manual conversion... Watch in HD.