Workshop - Piles gone

With the piles out the steel beams have taken up the load of the house. There is hardy any if any  deflection, so I'm happy. You really get a sense of the size of the space created now. Still a ways to go before the slab goes down yet though, but with the piles gone excavation will be much easier. So far we have filled two 3 cubic metre skip bins, and there's probably another 2-3 to come out yet.

Simons GTR Engine Bay

Had a chance to look over Simon's immaculate R32 GTR at track day at Hampton Downs a while back. Click for larger images...

Workshop - Beam 1

Workshop Beginings

I have been wanting to create some extra space off the side of the garage for a workshop / gym / storage space for a while now. Recently the plan came together and the project kicked off. The S14 was wheeled out, and today the steel beams, props and a skip turned up. The beams are too long to put in through the garage so I will have to make a cut out in the exterior brick and slide them through. First they need some preparation, rust removed, paint, holes drilled etc.


S14 Underbody Work

Sick of wiring so I fitted the castor arms back on the car. I need to decrease the to-do list to regain some mental sanity. Assuming I was previously sane? Can't remember.... sleep deprivation hmmm.


Best lunch...Chicken Katsu Curry + Asahi. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo.

S15 Blitz Intercooler

S14 - Drycell

Mounted this dry cell in the boot when I replaced the dead factory battery. I will be relocated it into the cabin shortly to reduce the wiring length substantially.