Test fit the S13 Skid Plate onto Jun's 180SX. Hole alignment was perfect, bend angle was spot on, stoked. I added a front lip to the design to prevent it from digging into the ground and tearing off in the event of a crash. Good feature i think. Some days you have the energy to wash the car. Other days you feel like having a beer listening to some tunes in the sun. Shiny enough me thinks...

Skid Plates

Got skid plates back from the bender today. Turned out nice.

Pewter on Black TE37

Roll Bar - Part 1

Building a couple of roll bars. Essentially the same as a cusco bolt in cage but with some modifications to suit my requirements. Joel and I made good progress on the base plates for the main hoop.

Joel drills like a pro...

Rear stay base plates complete.

Tools of the trade. Evacut drill bits have served me well, but a couple are coming due for a sharpen. Anyone got any tips on drill bit sharpening? Tungsten Carbide Bit & die grinder, fantastic for slotting holes if required. Brass automatic centre punch, cool little device my uncle gave me. Has a hammer & spring inside that releases when you apply pressure to kick back and punch the tip into the metal. Quick and effective. Kinda like No Country for Old Men... but not.

The price you pay...

...for dropping it low.... Do it Jun ;) But get my better plate in there first so you don't kill the sump on a boss rock. Check out the damage on the thin plate from some off road excursions... deep gouge! S13 plates now on their way too. Will extended front lip to prevent snagging if you say happen to.... clip a bank late at night on the touge or the gravel trap on the track. Dark grey one is my test plate, got some vicious scratches at Hampton Downs. Sweeper is so tempting to full throttle, but be ware the wet patch just off line.

Z32 + Intake + Tune

Installed 850cc injectors, Z32 AFM, Fabricated new intake pipe, Gizzmo Boost Controller. Spent Sat tuning. More power now, and found why my fuel economy sucks. The O2 sensor is dead.

850cc (Left) with o rings, new pintel caps, and alloy spacers fitted ready to install. Ended up moving large o ring to lower of the two grooves, got better seal that way. Reused the RX7 filters as they were in good condition.

New sard injector plugs

Tamada 120 FPS

Hub Extender

Techno Toy Tuning billet aluminium 75mm hub extender. High quality item. I like exposed metal surfaces. Makes steering infinitely more comfortable. Originally used in this AE86 race car. This cool guy ran a T3/T4 on his 4age at 16psi and made 180kw at the rears, which is works well when it weighs under a tonne. Every panel that could be unscrewed was removed and replaced with light weight fibreglass items. The bat is for bashing the hundreds of Initial D fans away. BTW Trueno hatch backs are the coolest ;) ask Ueo he knows a thing or too...