More Steering Angle for the S14

Joel and I rigged up a string alignment off the bash bar.
 We set the toe to zero, but interestingly once the car was lowered onto the ground it added around 1 degree of toe in. Note the amount of camber I have while the car is jacked up.

I am running A31 Nissan Cefiro rack ends to compensate for the 25mm extended LCAs.
 They are about 35mm longer than S14 / S15 tie rods and are nice and beefy.
 With the extra steering angle the Bilspeer Hyper Steering knuckles offer I found that the wheel was hitting the brake line bracket and preventing me reaching full lock. So that has been shifted over one hole to keep it out of the road. 

The castor rods were the second thing I found limiting the lock available, so I decided to offset them. I cut the flat section of the spacer one side and added it to the other side along with a washer to account for the saw cut. Now they position the castor rod 16mm towards the centre of the car.

Team Zoom Up S14 Zenki Dump

Gold Zenki S14

Funn Blue

Feeling this colour for the rocker cover at the mo... what say you.

Blood Cells


Who Needs Columns Anyway

The House Between The Sea and The Mountains From Suppose Design Office

Guard Work 3

Body work is one of my least favourite jobs. But someone has to do it. I spent quite a bit of time hammering the bigeezus out if the inner guard to give the tyre some more room. There was heaps of melted rubber up in there from Taupo. Really need some stiffer springs to prevent the body roll. Maybe a 12 / 10kg combo when the budget allows. Tried to hammer the flare into the smoothest shape possible before filling to minimise the thickness of bog required. These shots show the progress just before the final sanding. I am really starting the hate white dust now.

55mm Gain

Managed to un-seize the rear suspension and discovered the rear shock body had heaps more thread available inside. The damper was able to be wound 55mm down into the body and the spring perch wound up 55mm to counter it and keep the ride height the same. So I have effectively gained 55mm travel and now the spring nearly captive. Good outcome overall.

PSM Tester

Makes me miss my S15

Hero 2

Quest for angle

There is more angle to be gained if I can lengthen or relocate the brake hose and bracket.

RB29 R32

Quick promo vid for Cam who is competing in the D1NZ rookie this season. He loaded up with some tires, snuck into a warehouse and let loose in his R32 with RB29 (yes that's a gtr block stroked to 2.9 litres) which has been tuned down to 300+kw for reliability aka constant thrashing.

R200 Diff Tech

Locking this is key to unlocking the potential of Joel's S15. Needs reassembly first.

Welding Trolley

This trolley will enable me to move around the car or roll outside when I'm doing cage work. Space is limited in my garage slash workshop, so I try and make everything as mobile as possible so the set up is adaptable.
Bolts make good axles. Notice thicker 5mm alu plate under the gas bottle. 
Steel flats keep the cables tidy. Steel rod forms hoops for the filler rod tubes.
I welded nuts inside the two rear stubs to take a bolt on steel strap or chain to restrain the gas bottle.