326 Power

When i inevitably destroy the Dmax front kit...

Skid Plates

Limited run. Skid plates to suit S14 / S15. 5mm Aluminium Plate. Same design as Part Shop Max Japan. $125 or $135 with cut out access to drain plug. Fills the gap between your intercooler and radiator. Protect your sump from damage from vicious ripple strips, sand traps and small children.

X Racing Skyvia

S13 + R32 / Supermade / LED lights / black 18" / Ghost grey.


Paper gasket part no: N1073

Wind it up.

Hampton Driftopia Sept 2010

Winged Sump

Sump with extra capacity and hinged flaps to prevent oil surge during hard cornering. You would expect a brand new part to be ready to install out of the box. Ah No. Always test fit prior to running the sealant bead... This portion of casting must be removed to allow the sump to fit around the baffle plate.

Update: Oh and guess what... the grub screw drain plug leaks... will have to drop oil and sus this out.