55mm Gain

Managed to un-seize the rear suspension and discovered the rear shock body had heaps more thread available inside. The damper was able to be wound 55mm down into the body and the spring perch wound up 55mm to counter it and keep the ride height the same. So I have effectively gained 55mm travel and now the spring nearly captive. Good outcome overall.


  1. how did you manage to unseize it? I'm struggling with mine now.. :S

    1. Removed the bottom mounting eye and the locking rings. Heaps of CRC from the top and the bottom, let it soak in for a few hours. Clamp shock body in vice with aluminium soft jaws and a rag to prevent scratching. Strong grip on the threaded portion with gloves and unscrew. Could also try tapping with a hammer to free things up, or some careful use of heat might work too since the body is aluminium and the thread is steel will expand at different rates, but avoid over heating the damper as it may damage the internals.

  2. Thank you! Tried a few things until now, nothing helped. I'll try this aswell. Was afraid of heat, only heated the alu parts with boiling water after soaking in WD40, but until now no success. Thanks for the ideas! :)