Spitting Fuel

Car started pumping out plumes of white smoke on the motorway and stuttering. Thought I had blown a head gasket or worse a piston. Limped home, car died in my driveway just before the hump grrr. Wouldn't start. Builder next door pushed me over the hump, and rolled it into the garage sweet. Got it started after jumping it and it was pumping large amounts raw fuel a metre out the exhaust, not so sweet. So, too much fuel? Replaced a few things including a suspected bad coil pack and checked the injectors were seated to see if fuel was leaking past the o ring. No better. Replaced the Sard adjustable fpr with the factory Nissan item. Problem solved!


  1. Cheers Toan. Feeling your blog too eh! especially the top quality photography. Plan to add some tasty new material next year with some upcoming track days and the 550D hell yea..