S14 - PSM HMIC Install

Buy a decent kit, install it right....make a template!...only cut what you have to. Also, it sits in there way better if you mount the tabs from the engine bay side. Not cooler is gen 2 with longer mounting studs on the top so you don't have to cut the top section of the radiator support panel. Better huh.

Can still bolt the hood latch back on to save using bonnet clips. But prefer to have nothing in front of the cooler and rad, so.... undecided.


  1. Good call man. I really like the PSM coooler and the mounting philosophy. Keen to see how you go performance wise. Tidy install job.

  2. I wonder if you'll have to trim the zenki headlights. I just installed mine as well, didn't do a fancy job like yourself for all of the cutting but sadly had to cut my headlights for this to work.

    1. Wayne, I added a couple of photos showing the headlight in place. No cutting was required. I have since cut an extra triangle out of the rad support panel to allow the headlight wiring come through though.