We have just finished a limited run of engine mounts for SR20 in S-Chassis. The first set are going out to support this freshly built VET setup. They come with stiff Nolathane bushes. Track tested. Huge reduction in engine movement. Much more direct feel on acceleration. Helps reduce miss shifts by holding the engine steady. Make installing the engine easier as they rotate. Plus they are far less bulky that the original factory rubber bushes, meaning more space to get your hands in and around things. Contact if you're after a set. Standard finishes are black, silver, clear coated  or raw steel. We can custom make a set of these to suit any car and motor combination... Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, RB, VG, 1J, 2J, C33, RX7, R32, R33, R34 etc. or even your 4X4.

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